Installing tumblelog is simple with pip.

$ pip install django-tumblelog


Add tumblelog to INSTALLED APPS in your settings module:


Create the necessary database tables, using either syncdb or migrate (if using South).

$ python syncdb
$ python migrate tumblelog

Add a TUMBLELOG_POST_TYPES setting to your settings module, e.g.


You may add additional post typesTo further customize tumblelog, you may want to add additional settings.

Finally, include the tumblelog URLconf to your urls module. The regex may be modified as you wish, though the tumblelog namespace must be maintained.

url(r'^tumblelog/', include('tumblelog.urls', namespace='tumblelog')),


Django 1.4 is required (for list filters), and three contrib modules must be installed: django.contrib.admin, django.contrib.auth, and django.contrib.contenttypes.


Tumblelog has two dependencies:

Source Code

tumblelog is developed on GitHub, where you can fork the repository, browse the code, and report issues.

You can use pip to install the bleeding-edge code from the repository:

$ pip install -e git+

Alternatively, you can download a tarball or clone the repository:

$ git clone git://

And install using

$ python install

A simple and extensible tumblelog engine for Django. Created by Chuck Harmston, released under the MIT license.

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